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What is this? I can’t stop laughing…


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Favourite ‘Sherlock’ quotes (Part 1). 

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( WIP - plan on coloring and shading more later) : | sooooo. After watching 1st ep. season 2 = new fav pairing. Sherlock n John are still my super fav but dear lord- Lestrade and Molly? Yes. I approve : | This gave me a chance to do three things.
1. Be a dork. Draw them.
2. Sherlock fanart * A *.
3. Draw something for new Blog.
New blog being :
Tumblr for old pulp cover redraws. There are others like it but whatever- I’m a loser n wanted to make my own : | Just started so theres next to nothing up there. I’d be honored if you guys tried it out. Sherlock knock off covers or not- Its insanely fun and great practice if you’ve found yourself at a loss of motivation or what to do. you should def give it a go! Check it out- there is a full explanation n ref <3.

side note- I originally was going to draw John w/ the gun n sherlock being the bitch- but then changed mind. Maybe i’ll pick another cover to draw them on. Cheezy detective covers + sherlock yes plz. ANYWAY- ENJOY! I had fun : >


I don’t know, it’s raining and I realised I’ve never drawn BBC Lestrade.


I don’t know, it’s raining and I realised I’ve never drawn BBC Lestrade.

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Step under my umbrella~


Why Jeremy Brett deserves all of the awards for his portrayal of Sherlock Holmes, in about two minutes.

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