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Let me tell you in exhaustive detail the reasons I am, in fact, probably a misogynist.

First of all, how dare you level these accusations at me. I do not hate women. Women are the best. I love women so much, I don’t want them anywhere near men in the media I consume. White men, I mean. POC are totally fine. Ha, just kidding - POC are never fine, especially if they take the place of a white man. Especially if a WOC takes the place of a white man. White man.

Women deserve equal treatment, so I hold them accountable according to the exact same standards of behavior as men. The only exceptions to this rule are when a female character does something I find objectionable to a precious male character, or holds his attention for too long, or is physically proximate to him at any time, or when she exists at all. If a male character behaves in an equally or exponentially more selfish, harmful, or deceitful way, I make sure to judge him harshly, but fairly, with total and immediate forgiveness. You don’t have to be a 24/7 hard case to be a feminist, you know. My expectations are higher for female characters because they mean so much more to me. You aren’t as progressive as I am, so you can’t understand.

Okay, alright, fine - maybe I dislike one or two particular female characters, or nearly all female characters, but that’s only because I find them so boring or divisive or treacherous. I can never create fic or meta about them because they’re so poorly written. They have nothing at all like the richly detailed lives of male characters, even ones who have never appeared on the show, but who I have squealed about obnoxiously at length. Personally, I hold the writers responsible. They obviously don’t know anything about women, like the fact that they should all be men. Is that my fault? Is my own miserable lack of imagination truly the source of my failure? Am I to blame for being so tragically dull and ill-equipped as a fan and human being that I am utterly incapable of fleshing out the lives of female characters, so I discount them completely from my interpretation of the show and its fanworks? Maybe. Whatever. I wish there were women with interesting, layered backgrounds, distinctive personalities, and inarguably important, pivotal roles, I really do - but it’s difficult to see them when I’m so worried about their subjugation by relationships with men. Those poor women characters deserve so much better than the abuse I can happily imagine a male character enduring.

Can I get a karaoke rendition of R-E-S-P-E-C-T up in here? Yeah, snaps!

To that end, I would never support a m/f ship. Heteronormativity is run amok in the media. So old and staid. I don’t acknowledge any sexual orientation apart from het and gay, though, because it’s go binary or go home, and I know which team I’m on. That’s right: any one that erases the possibility of bisexual, pansexual, asexual, and aromantic characters. Though if one of my preferred pairing isn’t gay, it’s perfectly fine for him to be asexual. Because I assume that asexual is synonymous with complete dissociation and better alone than oppressing a woman, I always say. And frankly, women shouldn’t be threatened by gay men. Any real feminist ships gay men in favor of anything else, since I’m pretty sure that support of LGBQT people equates to the rabid exclusion of any other orientation, but ‘G.’

Remember that representation is for everyone. Especially for women, but more importantly, for white men. Particularly white men I can imagine locked together in a sweaty, mawkish romance. Particularly only white men, ever. It’s called being inclusive, look it up. If you think the only reason I dislike any female character is because of my fixation on getting two vanilla pudding jackasses to stage whisper naughty secrets into each others’ peeholes, then you clearly haven’t read my list of straw man arguments that only prove you right.

Who’s the misogynist now? Not me, lady-hater.


Not me.

oh my god yes


The Rain It Raineth Everyday - Leonard Campbell Taylor

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Howl’s Moving Castle (2004)

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Hannibal Art Meme

The (Renaissance) Still Life
During the Renaissance, artists turned to the classical world, its literature, architecture, and art, for inspiration, and it provided the figural ideal emulated in painting in sculpture of the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries. It also provided, though to a lesser extent, early precedents for still-life painting. These could be found in trompe l’oeil murals and illusionistic tile work depicting fruits, flowers, eating vessels, bones, and skulls. Nevertheless, still-life painting in the Renaissance was consigned by art historians such as Giorgio Vasari to the lowest limbs of the hierarchy of the arts, as its execution was believed to rely less on divinely appointed genius than upon observation, science, and craftsmanship: an artisanal rather than artistic talent. By the end of the sixteenth century, several artists had challenged this convention, and a new generation of painters brought a greater naturalism, and with it an elevated esteem, to the genre. (x) (x) (x) (x)

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One of the most amazing things about LIttlefinger is that he viewed murdering Ser Dontos right in front of Sansa as a crucial component of his “I’ll be your daddy now” sales pitch to her. Like, there was no “you go on to your cabin down below, I’ll see Ser Dontos off” and quietly having him murked while she was settling into her bunk. Nope, it was “You’re safe with me, Sansa. Wait, first, hey fellas, shoot this guy in the face with crossbows. Wow, that was fucked up, wasn’t it Sansa? Oh well, he was a dick anyways. Where was I? Oh right: You’re safe with me, Sansa.” Petyr you scamp!

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Saint Augustin,1645-1650 -detail- Philippe de Champaigne.

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I’m also going to come right out and say that I HATE how they’ve made Cersei so openly disgusted by Jaime’s lack of hand.

In their initial reunion, she says:

"You look so thin. and your hair, your golden hair…"

"The hair will grow back." Jaime lifted his stump. She needs to see. “This won’t.”

Her eyes went wide. “The Starks…”

[snip for irrelevant dialogue/exposition]

She kissed Jaime’s fingers. “You’ll kill him for me, won’t you? You’ll avenge our son.”

Jaime pulled away. “He is still my brother.” He shoved his stump at her face, in case she failed to see it. “And I am in no fit state to be killing anyone.”

"You have another hand, don’t you?"

Cersei is not disgusted by Jaime’s injury. As she later says, “I was afraid the Starks would send me your head.”

She does recoil from his stump later on, after their encounter on the altar. But it should be noted that she recoils after he’s said they should run away together and get married. Jaime infers that she’s recoiling from his stump, but it could be that she was recoiling from what she viewed as something dangerous. Jaime wanted to “stand up before the realm” and admit that they were lovers.

Don’t…don’t talk like this. You’re scaring me, Jaime. Don’t be stupid. One wrong word and you’ll cost us everything. What did they do to you?”

"They cut off my hand."

"No, it’s more, you’re changed."

Later, Cersei comes to Jaime because Tywin is going to send her to Casterly Rock, force her to marry again, and she says,

"I will not have another husband. You are the only man I want in my bed, ever again."

"Then tell him [Tywin] that!"

She pulled her hands away. “You are talking madness again….I want to be your wife, we belong to each other, but it can never be, Jaime. We are brother and sister.”

"The Targaryens…"

"We are not Targaryens!"


"Jaime," she sobbed, "don’t you think I want it as much as you do? It makes no matter who they wed me to, I want you at my side, I want you in my bed, I want you inside me. Nothing has changed between us. Let me prove it to you." She pushed up his tunic and began to fumble with the laces of his breeches.

And then he stops her, says no, not here, not in the White Tower. She says they did it in the sept, why not here? And he stops her again.

For an instant he could see confusion in her bright green eyes, and fear as well. Then rage replaced it.

And THEN she mocks his hand. THEN she lashes out at him for no longer having a sword hand. Only when he’s rejected her, when she feels she has to hurt him like she’s been hurt. When she feels utterly abandoned.

Is there manipulation in all of this? Of course. But to have Cersei so openly reject Jaime on the show, when all he wants is to be with her….does not sit right with me.

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I think GoT would be better off just consisting of several spin off shows at this point:

  • 'The Boltons'
  • 'The Wolf and the Hound'
  • 'How to be a Knight' featuring Brienne
  • 'Old people bickering - Report from Kings Landing'
  • Stannis’ Opinion On Everything
  • Team Dragonstone “The Braavosi Job”
  • Sewing With Reek


i hope they change the actor for daario naharis every season for absolutely no reason and with no explanation given

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Electromagnetic Polygon Dismorphia (2014)
Jack Hardwicke


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